Embodied Presence - Jen Rothman, MACP, SEP
Jen Rothman, MACP, SEP

Embodied Presence
Body-Centered Counseling for The Soul 
Healing • Transformation • Integration • Liberation
"Trouble comes. One person packs up and leaves. Another stays and deepens in a love for being human." -Rumi

Deep within you is a healing wisdom that is waiting to guide you. 
Deep within you is a sweet presence that longs to love and support you. 
Deep within you is a wholeness that is waiting to be embodied, enjoyed and expressed. 
Deep within you awaits the One you long for. 
Come.  Let us go on a journey together, into the rich inner landscape of your being, and bring you home to yourself.


We can all benefit from receiving support and guidance from time to time in our lives - helping us to successfully rise up, with clarity and strength, to the many challenges and mysteries that life presents us. When we have the support and guidance we need to courageously face and explore the immediate truth of our experience, life, with its many rich and difficult experiences, can guide us and teach us who we are, and what we can be. Challenges can become opportunities, and hidden gifts can be revealed from within the very fabric of our own soul. 

It is my belief that within each of us is an unbounded potential, and a sweet, pure, healing presence that longs to be discovered, integrated and embodied into our daily life, allowing us to live rich, meaningful and impactful lives. Not only do we want this for ourselves, but it is my experience that life, itself, also deeply longs for this glorious unfoldment of each of us to take place.  

It is from this deep felt knowing that arises my joyous, steadfast commitment to support my clients in their personal journey of healing and transformation, enabling one’s Essence to unfold with gentle grace and presence into its dynamic, full, embodied wholeness. 

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