Embodied Presence - Jen Rothman, MACP, SEP

“I sought Jen for counseling and found difficult times can bring unexpected gifts. Our work together helped me rebound from a stressful time in my life full of sadness, fear and overwhelm.  
Jen helped me see old imprints and patterns I carried since childhood; unravel and acknowledge painful feelings; stay open to different perspectives and possibilities.  
I appreciate Jen's way of welcoming and honoring whatever is up for you in your life. She meets you with a steadfast presence, compassionate heart and keen intelligence. In the moment Jen guides you to discover your own insights, the best medicine for your soul because it springs from your own heart.  
I found resilience, peace and inner strength. I came home to myself after many years of being absent and this feels like a blessing.”

"I have had such intensely rewarding sessions working with Jen. She is very skillful in her intuitive understanding of the process leading to resolution of traumas and emotional healing. I felt completely at ease with her, trusting in the holding she provided. And as a result was able to be with what arose, exploring challenging material that surfaced, and finding healing and integration.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to deepen one’s understanding of their inner landscape with one who is a skillful navigator and loving guide."   

“My sessions with Jen are like medicine for my soul. I leave each session feeling reset, rejuvenated, and deeply connected to myself and my truth. Throughout our sessions, Jen is fully present and engaged. I can tell there is nowhere else she'd rather be. That's huge! She creates a safe space to explore whatever is calling attention, and is there to guide me every step of the way. When I become engulfed by my monkey mind, she subtly and skillfully guides me back to being in my body, and tracking what is happening in my body. I feel the space and freedom to be with and explore whatever comes up in a session, because I know that if I get lost and stop tracking myself, Jen is there tracking me. Through our work together, I've gained a deeper awareness and understanding of my unconscious patterns and triggers, learned how to really take care of myself when triggered, shifted destructive and hard-wired patterns, healed trauma wounds, become friends with my demons, and so much more!
The opportunity to work with Jen has been and continues to be one of the most potent and healing experiences of my life. I would recommend her to almost anyone!”

“Jen has a way of putting me so at ease, so trusting in her that it is easy for me to go to the depths of my Soul, without fear, without reservation, holding nothing back as I uncover the truth of my experience.  She creates and holds a dynamic energy field that allows a deeply transformative personal journey... This has allowed a deeper integration and understanding of my Spiritual journey.  I am truly grateful."

 "Walking into Jen's office is like entering a small comforting sanctuary. The atmosphere is warm, gentle, natural and soft - a haven to curl up into my body. Jen is deeply grounded in her approach. I know that I am safe, held and fully supported unconditionally. For 80 minutes I have an angel on my team, helping me through my most challenging times. 
I used to think that diving into painful emotions through intense cathartic expression was the only way to move through psychological barriers. But instead I noticed that I was getting stuck in the feeling of pain or fear in my body. Jens very caring approach has taught me how to track my nervous system with tender awareness so that I can prevent my body from getting stuck in the painful emotions! She has helped me learn that unwinding old patterns does not have to be through re-living all my painful experiences, but through creating safety and calmness in my body, which allows me to gently move through traumatic experiences with support and care. I am blown away by the extraordinary depth I can go into while experiencing so much safety. 
Jen has reflected such deep empathy for my journey living with chronic pain, illness and disability. It's hard for me to describe what it is like to have somebody completely and totally get it! No spiritual bypassing, no positive spins on my reality. And through that exceptional empathy, I feel stronger than I did before. I have more strength to be with what is so in my body because of Jens willingness to be with me exactly as I am.”

"Jen is truly gifted in creating a therapeutic context that is warm, all-embracing, radically honest, profound, and transformative. I love how s-p-a-c-i-o-u-s her sessions feel. Being eighty minutes long, there is plenty of time to lay out all of the pieces of life's complexities and then deeply drop in and track the subtleties of feelings, thoughts, imagery and inspiration. Jen has held my hand in navigating his subtle and at times seemingly treacherous terrain with abiding compassionate presence, nuanced perceptiveness, and trained skillfulness. 
Jen was recommended to me as a practitioner of somatic-based counseling to help aid me on my journey of recovery from food addiction. After seeing her intensively (weekly) for well over a year, she remains my go-to ally whenever something is "up" and I need assistance in creating a container to drop in and reconnect with my felt-sense and inner wisdom. She has helped me find my truth in the context of non-traditional relationships and I greatly appreciated her nonjudgmental approach. Jen guides me to listen to ALL parts of my being. After each and every session I feel like it was time and resources well spent. I have seen about 7 therapists in the last twenty years and Jen is the one I keep going back to see as needed, which says it all in my book!"

“Jen has been a powerful, loving force to help me connect with the vastness of my Spirit, and work through what is in the way of that.  The depth of presence and clarity she brings creates a warm, safe, inviting space to explore my issues and inner-world.  She is a gifted healer, and her intuitive knowing has deepened my process and clarified my understanding.  Our work together has helped re-wire, soothe and heal my nervous system.  While my work with Jen has been deep and profound, it has also been very grounded and integrated.  I would recommend Jen to anyone.” 

“I don't even know how to possibly describe in words how unbelievable Jen is as a being and in the work she offers. All I have is tears of gratitude and love as I write this and think of Jen and our work together.
I came to see her severely ill, having recently nearly died, coping with a new diagnosis of a serious disease, having lost everything and everyone I had in my life. I was severely traumatized and also so non-functional neurologically and physically, I had full-time caregivers.
Jen felt and saw me right away. I felt safe and held. She knew exactly how to support me through the unreal challenges I was facing, while allowing me the space to grow and overcome the challenges on my own. This allowed me to the opportunity for my soul to come through and take over, even when I physically was not capable of anything. It allowed me to feel my own existence for the first time in my life - to develop a solid sense of self I never had before in my life. She saw my soul and held me in the process of uncovering my truest nature, so I am left with the Me I have always been underneath all the wounds and strategic ways of coping with life. The Me I have always wanted to be, a Me I love and cherish.
Jen truly saved my life in all levels, I don't know where I would be now if it weren't for for coming into my life. She was there for me through the darkest times with love and compassion, yet did not rescue me out of it so that I could grow in the ways I needed to and find the strength I never knew I had - true empowerment.
Unlike all other counselors I've seen - there have been many - she knows how help you deeply heal, while preserving the nervous system, which being acutely ill and through so much trauma was extremely delicate in my case. This was the only way I could possibly do the kind of healing needed. 
I have been doing self-growth/realization work intensely for over a decade and our few months together have been the most valuable of my life.
Eternally grateful."

"Hi Jen. Thanks so much for taking the time to be with me, you are truly gifted in this.  I felt so supported and held during our session together, your love and presence made it possible for me to uncover some deep truths about my life.  I feel no hesitation when I am with you, it's as if there are no barriers to my work..." 

“In my work with Jen, I sensed deep buried parts of me coming alive. With Jen's gentle, powerful, profound, safe facilitating, I could release old, old beliefs and baggage that I had been carrying in my body and energy field for years...” 

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