Embodied Presence - Jen Rothman, MACP, SEP
How the inner work unfolds: 
At the beginning of each session we spend some time checking in and "spreading out" the various issues at hand; taking time to explore the various thoughts, emotions and patterns that arise. After this initial check-in, one is then guided into deep contact with their own heart and their immediate experience as it arises and is felt in the body and Soul. Any available sensations and experiences of settling, ease and relaxation are focused upon intially to provide a sense of safety, embodied support, capacity and grounding. From this deep, empowered heart space, tangles of beliefs, constrictions of consciousness, and various sensations and emotions related to the issues at hand are explored as parts of the self emerge and are consciously seen, embraced, felt, and worked with.  Deep feelings, stirrings and impulses on all levels of being are welcomed, with clear awareness in the spirit of truth and loving compassion. These are consciously and gently explored, allowing space for the organic, pure intelligence, and healing wisdom found deep within the body and the soul to gracefully and safely unfold. This innate healing wisdom naturally guides one’s process back towards the wholeness inherent in all of us - providing a sense of release, completion and integration. 

With time, one begins to know oneself beyond one’s ideas, stories and beliefs of who they think they are, or what they think they should be, and begins to experience immediate contact with the sweet, effortless unfoldment of who they really are, the purity of their Soul, and its loving connection to all that is.

 To best support and optimize this process, the sessions I offer are spacious:  lasting 75 minutes. This allows enough time for the depth of one's process to be contacted, explored and integrated. 
If wanted, 50 min sessions can be arranged for less cost.


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